Trump Supporters Want To Take Away Women’s Right To Vote To Ensure His Presidential Win

If nothing else, Donald Trump’s supporters are (searches for the right word) unwavering in their loyalty to the G.O.P candidate, and proved it yet again when the hashtag #repealthe19th trended on Twitter.

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It all began Tuesday (Oct. 11) when FiveThirtyEight Editor-In-Chief Nate Silver published a story that proved Trump would win the election if only men were allowed to vote. According to the voting patterns of men and women, Trump would earn 350 electoral votes and Clinton would only merit 188. To become president, one needs 270.

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Since the story, die-hard Trump advocates decided the best way to ensure the Republican candidate makes it to the White House is to eliminate voting for women. And it’s not just men in support of this idea, women also think not being able to vote isn’t so bad because it’s totally 1900 and not 2016.

#RepealThe19th may be a big hit on the right side of the aisle (and Internet) but there are some who aren’t okay with the idea.