Bronx Photographer Pens Love Letter To His Borough: “What Piano District?”

There’s really no better way to profess your love than with poetry. Recently hosted by the 5 Boro Story Project Bronx photographer, Edwin Pagán, was able to perform his “South Bronx Love Letter” at the Willis Avenue Community Garden in the South Bronx.

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The reoccurring theme in Pagán’s letter, apart from questioning, “what is the Piano District?” is the beauty found in his personal journey experiencing a rich and culture-filled life in the Boogie Down. He introduced his romance with photography, explaining the vivid life around his growing up with dreams of becoming a professional artist.

When explaining his work, Pagán made clear “There are vacant buildings and empty rubble-strewn lots in the photographs, but what you won’t find any of my images are poor people. Only victims of circumstance.”

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He finished his piece by begging the question at the heart of it all: “Where exactly is the Piano District I keep hearing about, again? I’m not quite sure, but I do know this: You can’t get there from here. And you NEVER will!”

Read Pagán’s heartfelt letter in full, here.