An Eight-Year-Old Girl Was Accepted To The University Of North Texas


In tonight’s edition of black girl magic: eight-year-old Jordin Phipps was just accepted to the University Of North Texas, making her the youngest person ever accepted to the school.

However, it wasn’t grades or exceptional athletic ability that caught the attention of the school, it was the third grader’s unparalleled self-confidence.

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“Success is only moments away,” the young girl said in a video, in which she discussed her elementary school’s mantra while wearing the college’s T-shirt. Her mother, who recorded the video, is an alumna of the university. “I will become a productive citizen in this world in which I live. I am smart. I am a leader.” The video was uploaded to the school’s Facebook page, where it’s been wracking up thousands of views.

Thanks to her admirable pluck, Jordin was named the recipient of the President’s Award for Excellence in Leadership. In addition to early acceptance to the school, the newest little Eagle was awarded a $10,000 scholarship.

“I’ve been with the University of North Texas for 21 years. This is the first time we’ve ever admitted a student at this early age,” said Executive Director of Undergraduate Admissions at UNT, Rebecca Lothringer. “And it was just because Jordin was so special. She touched us with her video and her spirit and her positive attitude.”

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“I wanted to go there because my mom went there,” Jordin explained when interviewed by Fox 4 in Texas. No word on what she’ll major in yet, but luckily, she’s got a ton of time to think about that.

Congratulations, Jordin!