‘The Good Christian’ Looks At The Mayan Genocide Under Guatemala’s Ex-Dictator Ríos Montt


Upcoming documentary El Buen Cristiano (The Good Christian) highlights the religious hypocrisies committed by Guatemala’s ex-dictator Efraín Ríos Montt, who is said to be responsible for the deaths of at least 1,771 Mayan Indians killed by the army between 1982 and 1983.

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Ríos Montt was found guilty of genocide in 2013 with an 80-year sentence at the age of 86. The sentence, however, was overturned after arguing Ríos Montt was mentally incompetent. The argument was supported by government-backed experts. On the last day of trial, Ríos Montt claimed that he never made any orders to assassinate Indigenous communities, alleging the murders were committed by local commanders.

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The Izabel Acevedo-directed doc is co-produced by Ximena Urrutia and highlights one of the country’s biggest injustices ever. Peep the official trailer: