ESPN2 Introduces New Show For Latino Sports Lovers

Whether you hear a merengue classic during your favorite pitcher’s entrance to the mound, or you see your choice receiver hit a salsa move after a touchdown, it’s clear Latino culture has infiltrated the sports world.

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Building on the concept of Latinidad, ESPN2 premieres a new interactive and culturally fluent show, Nación ESPN. The weekly show now airs from the ESPN studios in Los Angeles every Monday at 5 p.m. EST.

Nación ESPN will be hosted by three prominent and experienced commentators Jorge Sedano, Bernardo Osuna, and Marly Rivera, which have been chosen from different programs within the ESPN network in hopes of creating an authentic Latino voice that will able to promote culturally relevant content.

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The show will be driven by fan interaction and lively debates, including discussions between the hosts. And although the show will be produced in English, the host and guest are free to use their language of preference—English or Spanish—at their own discretion. For the U.S.-born, bilingual Latino, this program is bringing to the forefront the code switch we so often incorporate in our everyday speech.