Fetty Wap Brings $165,000 To Pay A $360 Court Fine

Fetty Wap had a $360 court fine to pay after pleading guilty for several driving offenses in his home state of New Jersey. However, just to stunt on ‘em one time, the “Trap Queen” sensation decided to show up to Cedar Grove Municipal Court with six figures in hand- $165,000 to be precise.

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NJ.com writes that the 25-year-old Paterson native said on camera that he was in court for DWB-AR- “Driving While Black And Rich.” In actuality, he was arrested on July 6 for “failure to replace lost, destroyed or defaced license plates, having tinted windows that were too dark, and driving with a suspended license,”

According to the site, Mr. 1738 has applied for a special permit with the Motor Vehicles Commission to get tinted windows due to his glaucoma, which is currently being reviewed.

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Check out the video of the MC leaving court and flaunting that green below.

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