After A Four-Year Wait, Frank Ocean’s ‘Blonde’ And ‘Endless’ Deemed Ineligible By The Grammys

The world stopped on Aug. 20 when Frank Ocean dropped his critically-acclaimed album, Blonde, after four meme-and-conspiracy-filled years. Two things we learned about Mr. Ocean through this dreadful wait: he, himself, is a troll, and most importantly, he doesn’t play by anyone’s rules other than his own.

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Seventeen tracks make up his studio album, but unfortunately, he will not receive a Grammy Award for any of them. According to Billboard, both Blonde and his visual album Endless were eligible for submission since they were released well before the cut off date (Sep. 30), but a representative for the Grammys confirmed the news that neither project was submitted for consideration by Ocean’s label or management.

Although we would love to see Blonde take all the gramophones it would’ve been nominated for, Ocean seems to give little thought to awards and accolades. He’s known for being an enigma and almost invisible in a world where every move is being recorded or shared through a live feed.

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Ocean’s camp has yet to release a response to the matter.