Man Who Shot At George Zimmerman Sentenced To 20 Years


A Florida man who shot at the infamous George Zimmerman was sentenced to 20 years in prison for attempted Murder Monday. (Oct. 17)

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Matthew Apperson, 37, claims he shot at Zimmerman in self-defense last year in a road rage incident gone awry. Zimmerman and Apperson both accused the other of starting the feud.

Apperson claims he feared for his life because of Zimmerman’s intimidating personality. However, a Seminole County jury didn’t buy his defense, and convicted him last month of second-degree attempted murder, shooting into an occupied vehicle and aggravated assault.

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The Internet seemed to be equally confused by Apperson’s sentencing and in true Internet fashion, expressed themselves in 140 characters.

Zimmerman testified Apperson was elated when he thought he killed him in May of 2015. He also said Apperson shot at him without provocation. In Florida, 20 years is the mandatory minimum for  shooting at another person with a gun.

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…but Zimmerman was found not guilty for killing Trayvon Martin in 2012 though?