Gina Rodriguez’s Award Show Turns The Spotlight On Young Women

Gina Rodriguez understands that the media is powerful in shaping the worldview of young children, so she’s adding a critical dose of inclusivity to the mix as the producer and host of Marie Claire’s inaugural Young Women’s Honors.

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“As a Latina growing up in Chicago, not seeing myself on screen [and] not seeing the Latino community personified in a positive light had an effect on me. It had an effect on the journey that I thought was possible for my life,” the Jane the Virgin actress reveals in a promotional video for the televised award ceremony.

Crediting positive role models in her community for shifting her mindset from limited to limitless, Rodriguez is ready to leave a greater impact on young women of color who are not privy to such examples. “I want to infuse [the media] with heroes that look like them, that are from similar backgrounds or similar cultures, similar communities, that allow them to have a blueprint for a life that they can have themselves,” she continues.

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Through her global platform, the Boricua will celebrate 10 women in various fields on the national stage and will amplify their stories through the digital space in an effort to reach billions. “I want to create a platform of these young women, that they can speak to as many people as possible to share their story, to exchange stories, and to then give hope that others can create a story just as beautiful and successful as theirs.”

Young Women’s Honors premieres on Dec. 19 at 9 p.m. EST on The CW.