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Gucci Mane Destroyed His First South Florida Concert In Years

Since he was released from an Indiana federal penitentiary after serving three years for federal drug and gun charges, Gucci Mane has yet to take his freedom for granted.

Not long after his release, Guwop made the trip to Miami to turn up for Memorial Day Weekend with his first lady Keyshia Ka’ior. After the release of his first post-prison album Everybody Looking in July, it’s been nothing short of spectacular to watch Gucci open a new chapter of his career while remaining sober as a nun.

He also consistently dropped banger after banger with his next LP Woptober already set to drop this month (10/17). Now that the summer is over, Gucci made his return to South Florida for a special show at Cafe Iguanas in Pembroke Pines to usher in the burrrr season.

DJ Slick Rick kicked off the party from the booth before 99 JAMZ’ DJ Nasty arrived and played a handful of Wop classics to get the audience turnt up and ready for the trap god to hit the stage. While the main room was packed to capacity with fans eager to put on Zone 6, the VIP section was even more congested as Team Hennessey invaded the exclusive area to the left and behind the stage. Numerous bottles were paraded throughout VIP every hour before Gucci Mane made his grand entrance.

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The fluorescent lights from an array of smartphones flashed brightly as Gucci made his way to the table in the middle of the VIP section. Not long after La Flare got settled in, MMG boss Rick Ross arrived with his Maybach squad including DJ Sam Sneak. He immediately requested several bottles of Belaire Lux for La Flare’s table before he was scheduled to perform.

As he made his way up the stairs to the stage, Gucci’s white button-up seemed to shine brightly as the blue, watercolor design in the middle of his shirt jumped out in the multicolored stage lights. His crimson red pants complimented his red and black plaid loafers with a custom heart and pair of lips embroidered on the middle of each shoe. Beads of sweat ran down his face after he performed the first two songs “First Day Out The Feds” and “I Think I Love Her.”

Gucci moved on to perform a medley of his greatest hits from “I Don’t Love Her” to “Wasted.” While he was digging up older tracks like “Pillz,” not once did he allow the crowd to think that he would forget any of his songs. The 1017 rapper literally enunciated every syllable of his lyrics and the fans loved every minute of it.

Mid-way into the performance, the bawse Rick Ross came out to perform their joint record “Trap House 3” and busted out his own oldie but goodie “MC Hammer.” Although the Belaire was floating around all over the venue, Ross knew that show was all about Gucci, so he didn’t stay out on stage long. However, it was long enough to give Guwop the full respect that he deserves for his first show in South Florida in ages.

Gucci Mane can’t stay from Miami no matter how much he tries. After his next show in Jacksonville at the end of this month, La Flare is set to return to Miami on Nov. 8th at the James L Knight Center. However, if you missed out on the Hennessy-fueled liutation this weekend, check out the visual recap in the gallery above.

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