Death Toll In Haiti Rises To 870 After Hurricane Matthew, Reports State

Following the destructive aftermath of Hurricane Matthew in Haiti, the number of lives lost to the storm continues to increase.

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According to Reuters, nearly 900 people have died partly due to fallen debris and the resurgence of the cholera disease. Thousands have been left homeless and without access to food and clean water. The site adds that dozens of people are missing.

An estimate of 350,000 people are still in need of aid, the Associated Press reports. Authorities said those who resided in Haiti’s mountainous areas or on the outskirts were hit the hardest. Trees and other elements flattened homes that were in the direct path of the storm.

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Government official, Frenel Kedner, spoke on the severity of the locations that were fatally hit. “We flew over parts of the Grand’Anse region. It’s a humanitarian catastrophe,” Kedner said of Jeremie, a town in southwest Haiti. “The people urgently need food, water, medicine.”

The UN admits that aid could take days to reach the more rural parts of Haiti, and fears the number of deaths will continue to rise as search parties were formed.