Culture Day: Teen Adorns A ‘Thief’ Costume To Highlight Cultural Appropriation

One teenager turned his “Culture Day” outfit into a viral sensation. Josh Welch, 17, decided to imitate the garbs of a thief “because white people steal everyone else’s culture,” he tweeted earlier this week.

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In an interview with Buzzfeed News, the Marylander said the idea was sparked after he browsed the web “trying to find an aspect of white culture to poke fun at for culture day.”

In terms of the reactions his classmates had once he explained the meaning behind his costume, he received mostly praise. “When they understood it, everyone freaked out,” Welch revealed. “Some people laughed their a**es off and others were shocked.” But one “conservative teacher” told Welch that he “shouldn’t make political statements with my costumes.”

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Despite the nays, Welch said he still stands behind his decision. “I was excited to come to school and participate in some grassroots activism,” he said, adding that it was a joy to spread “humor and awareness at the same time.”