Hillary Clinton Recreates The Definition Of Reaching In New ‘Barbershop’ Ad

In a year of racial disparities and all out f***kery, it’s easy for corporations and politicians to take advantage of the good vibes we all crave. Since jumping ahead of Donald Trump in the polls over the weekend, Presidential Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton released another ad geared towards African-Americans.

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Titled “Barbershop,” the campaign heads to predominately Black barbershops and salons to inquire their thoughts on the nominees. The ad almost comes off authentic as customers talk about the importance of voting and ripping the Republican candidate. “I don’t want someone running the country as a business, I’m a human being.” one beautician says as a customer states, “If Obama is voting for Hillary, I’m voting for Hillary.”

At the moment, Clinton is working to boost black voter turnout in North Carolina. The LA Times reports the state’s polls show her neck and neck with Trump. Proven to be a wildcard, North Carolina voted for Obama in 2008 and quickly turned Republican in 2012. Clinton’s state advisor Dan Kanninen shared the importance the state’s decision on Sunday (Oct. 23). “We’ve always understood that this is a crucial demographic for us,” Kanninen said. Since Sunday, Clinton has spoken at one of the most famous churches, visited a polling station with Orange Is The New Black’s Uzo Aduba and encourage young voters to mobilize and encourage voting. Clinton plans to return to the state with First Lady Michelle Obama on Tuesday (Oct. 24).

Since facing fallout over former President Bill Clinton rigorous 1994 Crime Bill, Clinton has spoken on championing the rights of black and brown people and even praised Black Lives Matter for bringing said issues to the forefront of the election. “I’ve met with them, I’ve listened to them, they’ve come up with a lot of recommendations,” she said.

Will the reach work in the end? We’ll see on Election Day.

Check out the ad below.

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