‘HTGAWM’s’ Matt McGorry Marched In A “White People For Black Lives” Protest


He may not be aware of his white privilege when he plays Asher on ABC’s How To Get Away With Murder, but Matt McGorry has earned the proverbial invitation to the cookout from the black community. Earlier this year, the actor shared a bold stance on America’s race relations while speaking at the University of Rochester. However, the 30 year old actor isn’t just talk. Yes, he may have read Michelle Alexander’s wildly popular book “The New Jim Crow,” but McGorry is in the business of putting action behind all his words.

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On Monday, (Oct. 17) the former Orange Is The New Black star and a few of his other white friends organized a march in support of Black Lives and the Black Lives Matter movement and those lost to gun violence at the hands of law enforcement.

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McGorry and the other protesters chanted “All black lives they matter here” while holding yellow signs that read “White people for black lives” as they walked the streets. Both videos, which were posted to the actor’s Facebook page merited 70,000 and 11,000 shares respectively with many applauding the actor for his bravery.

While America still has a long way to go, seeing McGorry and others march gives a lot of people hope.

Well done, McGorry. Well done.