Wolverine Is Old, Worn And Emotionally Spent In ‘Logan’ Trailer

What looks like Wolverine’s last go around is suddenly brought to a screeching halt in the new trailer for his latest standalone film Logan.

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Hugh Jackman plays an old, worn an emotionally spent retired mutant who’s living a lonely life when he receives a visit from his old mentor and friend Charles Xavier. Xavier, also donning a gray beard and more wrinkles, informs Logan of a small girl who maybe a female version of himself that must be saved from a group of mutant-hunting men.

This isn’t the same smart mouth, cigar smoking Logan who would rip anyone to shreds. Instead, life has gotten the best of him and now he has to muster up the little strength he has to do the right thing, even if it kills him.

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Logan arrives in theaters March 3, 2017. Check out the trailer below.