Interview: J.B. Smoove Explains The Essentials Of Cool & Return Of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’

J.B. Smoove is one classic man. Dressed in a debonair deep purple blazer with hints in his tie to match, the veteran comic sits in the penthouse of New York’s luxurious London hotel with a cigar in hand and a glass of Crown Royal Vanilla (neat) in the other. With his eyes comfortably covered in Louis Vuitton shades, the comic is more than thrilled about his new endorsment.

Calling it a deja-vu, the Real Husbands of Hollywood star believes his chill vibes and the refreshingly smooth drink were destined to come together.

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“My first time here and I feel as though I been here all of my life already,” Smoove explained to VIBE at the Crown Royal Vanilla launch on Wednesday (Oct. 5).  “That’s how I feel, the feeling I get when I’m attached to an amazing product. And I always feel like, ‘Wow, this was supposed to happen a long time ago.’ It fits my sensibilities, it fits who I am. It’s like when two people who meet in the night, you know?”

Starting next week, the comedian’s hilarious commercials will roll out, with Smoove sharing the essentials of cool and his love for vanilla-flavored everything. The Top 5 actor says the drink isn’t for turning up, but for turning down.

Taking a cue from the comics before him, Smoove has remained true to himself. His comedy, sophisticated and thought-provoking, the 50-year-old has learned that cool originates with you and could inspire the world.

During out chat, Smoove talks about linking with Crown Royal, why you shouldn’t gulp alcohol and the return of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Check out our interview with Smoove in the gallery above.

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