Jennifer Lopez Gets Back To Her Roots With Marc Anthony In The Studio


Jennifer Lopez is hard at work in the studio to create her first all-Spanish album in a decade with Marc Anthony by her side.

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While Jennifer has cemented her presence as a pop icon throughout her career, she plans to give fans a closer look at her Latinidad on the upcoming project set to debut in 2017. “I am so excited and really looking forward to this new musical journey and to celebrate my Latin roots with Marc Anthony and the Sony/Magnus family,” she told Billboard in an exclusive statement.

Working with her ex-husband offers promise given that he co-produced Como Ama Una Mujer, one of five Spanish-language albums to debut in the top 10 of the Billboard 200 back in 2007. While expectations will naturally be high for both stars, Anthony believes that Lopez is ready to deliver.

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“[Jennifer] has had enormous accomplishments in her career and has been representing our culture all over the world from day one,” he said. “Her artistry, professionalism and passion for music are just some of the many attributes that have earned her a unique place in the entertainment world that very few people have been able to obtain. I am looking forward to our creative collaboration and to be part of continuing her musical legacy.”

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Fans will have the opportunity to get a peek at what’s in store as Jenny’s first single is slated to arrive this month.