Jerry Rice Apologizes For His “All Lives Matter” Comments

Jerry Rice received tons of backlash after tweeting “All Lives Matter” in response to Colin Kaepernick’s protest of the national anthem. While many accused the legendary wide receiver of being out of touch, he stood by his Tweet. However, on Thursday (Oct. 6) the 52-year-old former 49er issued an apology stating he was misinformed about the Black Lives Matter movement.

Kaepernick received both support and criticism for his decision to take a knee during the anthem due to the constant police brutality and racism that affects this country.

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Back in August, Jerry Rice proclaimed “All Lives Matter” after hearing about Kaepernick’s decision to not stand during the Star Spangled Banner. Rice then found himself in the middle of controversy after claiming he applauded Kaepernick for taking a stand, but didn’t agree with his decision to sit during the national anthem.

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“All lives matter. So much going on in this world today,” Rice wrote in a now deleted Tweet. “Can we all just get along! Colin, I respect your stance but don’t disrespect the flag.”

After doing a bit of research, Rice has changed his stance on the issue.