John Legend Releases Sexy New Single, “Love Me Now”


John Legend hinted to his fans that he had some new tunes on the way. Well, this week, he lit Instagram up with a teaser for his new single, “Love Me Now,” and a snippet of the up tempo beat and a glimpse the chorus.

The track’s artwork features none other than his wife, Chrissy Teigen, as they share an intimate moment with a close up of their love-stricken faces pressing against each other. It’s safe to say that based on the lyrics, supermodel Teigen was the inspiration behind it

Legend repeatedly says on the song, “But I know what’s in my heart, if you ain’t mine I’ll be torn apart. I don’t know who’s gonna kiss you when I’m gone, So I’m gonna love you now.”

The song features an engrossing beat and the passionate lyrics capture the sexy mood. Legend admitted in a recent interview with NOTION magazine that this is the sound he is going for with the release of his upcoming album. “That’s what we focused on; trying to write great songs that told my story,” he said.

If this is a preview of what the album will sound like, then fans should prepare themselves for another masterpiece from Legend himself.


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