Kap G Releases A Completely Derogatory And Repetitive Remix With Ty Dolla And Quavo

There’s times when being a female hip-hop fan is extremely difficult. Listening to Kap G’s “Girlfriend (Remix),” which features his music peers Ty Dolla $ign and Quavo, is definitely one of those times.

The original “Girlfriend” record is already complete with masculine bragging, overcompensation, and rampant materialism to impress a woman, only to drop her later. The remix makes the already problematic joint even more repetitive and monotonous.

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The application of lyrical misogyny in hip-hop to sell records isn’t new, but the stark disappearance of artistic integrity is. While the releases of ’90s rap classics “Me and My Bitch,” and “Oochie Wally” still relied on vivid imagery and storytelling, and successfully executed these skills for the audience’s benefit, the remix of “Girlfriend” disparagingly smacks of false bravado. As the trio brag about taking a flick, smoking blunts, and then quickly disposing of women like objects on the song’s hook, the flavor comes off more as f*ck boy than deeply impressive. It’s the kind of song that makes you cringe not only for the blatant disrespect of women of color who are avid listeners of the genre, but to the creator themselves for doing hip-hop such an artistic disservice.

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Take a listen to the remix below: