Kenya’s Karate Kicking Grannies Are Putting A Stop To Sexual Predators


A group of women from the capital of Kenya are refusing to hide in fear of sexual predators. Instead, they’re taking charge by learning the ways of martial arts.

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Featured by AJ+ on Monday (Oct. 24) Jane and 19 other women meet weekly for a self-defense class in a slum in Nairobi where they learn what is believed to be Shorin Ryu style karate applications. Over the years, rape and sexual assault have grown to become a troubling problem in Kenya, with over 40,000 reported cases in 2009. The oldest woman in the self-defense class is 85.

Jane tells AJ+ she’s been able to thwart off predators with her new skills. “He touched my neck, and then I boxed him, and another one and another one,” she said. “They can’t touch me.” The men allegedly target older women under the belief that they don’t have HIV. Jane is hoping women from other areas take part in similar karate classes.” Three women like me can stand up to five attackers.” she said.

Give it up for the power and strength of these women.

Check out the clip, courtesy of AJ+, below.

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