Kevin Gates Gets 180 Days In Jail For Kicking A Fan In The Chest


Kevin Gates has been found guilty of misdemeanor battery today (Oct. 26) after a 2015 incident in which he kicked a female fan in the chest. He will face 180 days in jail with credit for any time served, as well as fines and court costs, WFLA in Florida reports. Initially, the rapper was only to serve 60 days.

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Gates admits that he used “necessary force” on the 18-year-old fan after she continuously grabbed at his pants during a performance at Rumor’s Nite Club in Lakeland, Fla. in 2015. The nightclub owner, Joe Hailey, testified at the one-day trial and said that Gates’ team did not request additional security or a barricade between him and the audience, and also noted that Gates had plenty of room to move back if he did not want to be touched. The fan admitted herself into the hospital after the incident, her mother revealed to News Channel 8 in Lakeland.

“She told me that she was excited to see him and next thing she knows she was kicked in the chest and she was passed out,” the girl’s mother Kristy Irelan said.

The judge and the six-women jury agreed that Gates took the moment a little too far. Additionally, thousands of people have signed a petition to ban Gates from performing in Florida venues in the future due to the incident.

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“This change will show the world these disturbing acts will not be tolerated and the safety of music supporters is important,” the petition reads.

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