At The Same Hospital That Saved His Life, Kevin Morton Begins Residency As A Surgeon

Kevin Morton’s life was saved by a surgeon after he was shot in the stomach in 2007. Now, he seeks to save the lives of others with this latest news.

According to CNN, the 31-year-old started his residency this week as a surgeon at the same hospital that gave him a second chance at life. At age 22, Morton endured a gun shot wound that ruptured his pancreas and damaged his small and large intestines. The shooting stemmed from a robbery, with the suspect leaving Morton for dead.

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A passerby noticed Morton unconscious in his car, and medical officials swiftly transported him to St. John hospital in Detroit, Mich. Once in the operating room, Dr. Dharti Sheth revived Morton, and remained an inspiration in his medical pursuits. Now, Morton will be viewed by Sheth as a peer rather than a patient.

“Most surgeons only see patients during the operation, and maybe a follow-up appointment,” he said. “(Sheth) was very involved post-care. She kept my family in the loop and continued to check in even after I left the hospital. She was very motivating.”

“He has all the qualities of a good doctor,” Sheth said. “He has the intellect, the personality, good eye contact, and is very pleasant and easy to talk to. He’s very positive.”

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Morton graduated in May 2016 from Michigan State University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine, and said since the experience of that near-fatal night makes him “feel like I can connect more with my patients.”

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