King L Added Brazen Chicago Bars To Young M.A’s “OOOUUU”


After surviving an attempt on his life earlier this year, Chicago’s King Louie is gearing up for the release of his new mixtape, Tony 2. To get the fans ready, he gives us the creative visuals for his take on Young M.A.’s banger, “Ooouuu” remix — shot in a not-so-obvious place, Walmart!

The video features Louie making a late night run over to Wally World, wilding out and doing some hilarious antics while taking pictures with fans and employees. He also manages to deliver some slick bars with his trademark finesse throughout the track.

King Louie tells VIBE via e-mail about why he went a funnier direction with the video unlike his usual gritty visuals.

“I feel like Young M.A.’s “Ouuuuu” is one of the hottest records out right now so it only made sense to put my spin on it,” he tells VIBE. “Wal-Mart my favorite stores so I wanted to do a quick, fun type video there. I hadn’t put anything out in a while and I wanted to show people my sense of humor and a different side they’re not use to seeing.
Hope this get everybody ready for Tony 2.”