Watch The Funniest, Most Brilliant Trump Film Yet

La Madre Buena is a short film about the man we love to hate: Donald Trump.

Trump, considered an important cultural figure by many, has shown his true colors leading up to the presidential election, and made us all a little more aware of the xenophobic perspectives of way too many Americans today.

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The business tycoon came on to the 2016 presidential election with hate targeted toward communities of color and marginalized groups, most notably when he dubbed all Mexicans rapists and criminals. He then followed that by suggesting he’d build a wall on the U.S-Mexico border and have the Mexican government pay for it.

This is the kind of hate and ignorance that informed and, in turn, ignited a societal composition of people who have supported Trump since.

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To counterattack the aforementioned, writer and director Sarah Clift did an amazing job exemplifying the hate of a bigot like Trump in the most humorous of ways. La Madre Buena illustrates how Trump not only affects the U.S., but also other countries throughout the world. In the multi award-winning, must-watch short, one little boy’s birthday wish gives greater meaning to this all.

Watch the brilliance unfold: