Laurie Hernandez And Camila Cabello Are Among ‘TIME’s Most Influential Teens


It’s no surprise that TIME’s roster of most influential teens this year includes Olympic medalist Laurie Hernandez and music artist Camila Cabello.

Hernandez is most known for winning gold at the Rio Olympics for her outstanding talent as a gymnast. The 16-year-old rarely saw Latinas at the gym partaking in gymnastics. She realizes the impact that she has made whenever she hears “You made Latinas proud.” As a result of her Olympics win, she has an endorsement deal with Crest and is on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars.

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The Fifth Harmony group member, Camila Cabello, is another teen who has made an impact with her voice, not only as a singer, but as an activist. The Cuban-born songbird has voiced her opinion concerning walls and creating borders between the United States and Mexico. In an essay she did for PopSugarshe talked about what it meant to immigrate to the United States with her mom and what it meant to leave everything behind. “And so next time, when anybody wants to tell you they want to build a ‘wall’ on our border, remember behind that wall is struggle, determination, hunger. Behind that wall could be the next cure for cancer.”

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Yara Shahidi, 16-year-old actor on ABC’s show Black-ish, also made it to TIME’s list of influential teens. Of course, followed by none other than Malia and Sasha Obama, who are also influential AF.

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