Lil Flip Stands Up For Young Colorado Fan Who Was Stabbed By Bullies


We need more heroic stories like this in hip-hop. Texas emcee Lil Flip took some time out to help a young fan who felt the wrath of school bullies all because of his shoe size.

During his time in Colorado, Flip heard about Kyler Davila, who was stabbed in the hallway and was rushed to a hospital with a collapsed lung. The “Game Over” rapper halted a video shoot and dropped everything he was doing to meet with Davila, who just so happens to be a major fan.

Follow @kylerskicks his dream was to meet me! He got stabbed by a #BULLY who made fun of his shoes 👟 now he collects shoes and gives them away to less fortunate people! I delayed my video shoot to make this happen! #GODISGREAT 🙏 #flipsapp #langbridgeapp 🍀 if u have shoes u wanna donate follow him and help!! #antibullying #YADIG #coloradosprings by @lilflip713

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Davila, a student at Carmel Middle School in Colorado Springs, was attacked by bullies because of a personal condition that prevents him from wearing regular shoes. Now he’s collecting a variety of shoes to give to other kids who get bullied for the shoes they wear. Flip says that he plans to make a big donation and has encouraged other rappers in his network to do the same.

If you want to help Flip and Kyler with their noble mission, drop off pairs of kicks at the collection box at WP Nation at 2509 Platte Place Suite A in Colorado Springs.

Watch Lil Flip’s surprise meeting with Kyler below.