‘Loving’ Film Debuts Interracial ‘LOVE-MOJI’ App


In honor of the forthcoming film, LOVING, a new emoji app was recently launched that highlights interracial relationships.

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In partnership with Twitter, the film debuted emojis that showcase the diversity in relationships, which you can download for iOS and Google Play.

The images resemble the movie’s main characters, Richard (Joel Edgerton) and Mildred Loving (Ruth Negga), and their unbreakable bond in the face of interracial-dating opposers. The film takes place in the south circa the 1960s and highlights their historic Supreme Court case, Loving v. Virginia.

The Lovings ensued in a nine year battle to live life as a unit in their hometown, and endured backlash from all corners. Their real-life journey will play out on the silver screen when the film debuts on Nov. 4.

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