For One Subway Passenger, ‘Luke Cage’ Changed The Perception Of A Black Man In A Hoodie

Usually when you get on a train in New York City, you’re either jamming out to your latest playlist, nose-deep in a book, or catching some much needed sleep. But for passengers on the 5-train, they received a word from their fellow commuter that they didn’t know they needed.

After one passenger shared his good news on the crowded train, he asked other straphangers to reveal their stories too. This prompted Crispin Booker to tie in the latest binge-worthy show, Luke Cage, and how the Marvel character changed the perception of a black man in a hoodie.

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“Just about a month ago, I’d be considered a scary guy with a hoodie; black, beard. But just a month ago on Netflix, Luke Cage made it cool,” he said to the crowd’s laughter. “I’m happy to tell you guys I’m turning 30 in December. I’m young, I’m black, and I’m beautiful. Sexy too. I came to share with you guys that I work in Manhattan. I work for a hedge fund. I’ve donated computers to the education system in a small Caribbean island called Grenada. So I am that new face of the black, tall, dark fellow in a hoodie…with a beard. I’m here to share my good news with everybody and hopefully you get to share too.”

Booker’s revelation prompted a passenger named James to share his gleeful story, which saw his return from jail and being down on his luck to getting a job and “making pretty good money and got my own place.”

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Watch the entire revelation below.

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