Lupe Fiasco Is Willing To End Dispute With Kid Cudi Under One Condition

Lupe Fiasco isn’t willing to take it easy on Kid Cudi by providing critical sentiments on the ongoing drama the artist has with Drake.

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The dispute began in September when Cudi blasted the Toronto rapper and Kanye West for using ghostwriters. In response, Drake released “Two Birds, One Stone” in which fans believed was a diss to Cudi. The “man on the moon” lyrics didn’t sit well with many due to Cudi’s current departure to rehab. After Cudi replied to Drake on social media this week, Fiasco questioned his actions. “Man f**k that n****a..what part of “rehab” is calling people p****** and asking for fades?! Rehab is checking your own problems not this s**t.”

The Chicago rapper continued to make light of Cudi’s “threat” to Drizzy by calling him a “disrespectful clown.”

Lupe’s beef with Cudi began over their views on Kendrick Lamar’s thoughts on Ferguson as well as a miscommunication about Lupe’s idea to offer guest verses to his fans. The two were once pals and Lu was praised by the “Day & Night” artist himself in a 2010 interview with Complex. “Every time I see that man, it’s nothing but love—I saw him a little after it, and he was like ‘I’m worried about you, man, just checking in,” Cudi said of his personal struggles. ” He’s somebody who I know really genuinely gives a f**k.”

Fiasco says he’s open to call an end to the beef if Cudder makes a proper apology.

Meanwhile, Drake stood his ground on his comments this week by attending Kanye West’s Saint Pablo tour stop in Los Angeles and replying to Cudi fans on Instagram.

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