Makonnen’s Day 1 Fans Are Loving “Call Me Badly”

Makonnen felt the need to send fans a reminder about why they originally fell in love with him on new track, “Call Me Badly,” which almost brings a feeling of nostalgia for fans.

The track was produced by Danny Wolf, who is also the producer for his recent mixtape, Red Trap Dragon. Wolf does a phenomenal job with the production as it sets the tone for the crooner to showcase his true talent.

During the first couple of seconds of the track, it almost sounds like Makonnen toying with the beat, however, the song becomes greater when you listen to it over and over. The rawness in his voice and the engaging beat work together to tell the story of what Makonnen wants to get across — pursue the one girl who stays on your mind.

Throughout the song the “Tuesday” and “Trust Me Danny” singer croons about a girl who is still in love with him. As he says in his lyrics, “She callin’ me badly, I got her goin’ sadly.” He expresses throughout the song even though she is sad, he never meant to do her wrong.

Overall, Makonnen is back and the song is definitely worth a listen.

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