Man Decides To Work On His Basketball Skills During Massive Traffic Jam


Some people decide to host an impromptu karaoke session, dial up family or friends for a catch-up phone conversation, or simply mull over life during a traffic jam as massive as this one in the Bay Area. But for one driver, he decided to step outside of his car to breathe, stretch, and play some ball.

After an RV caught fire on Highway 101, a man was caught on camera practicing his handles to pass the time, probably in excitement of the forthcoming NBA season. NBC Bay Area also added that other people were seen dancing or taking selfies of the massive standstill.

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The incident occurred at the height of rush hour on Thursday (Oct. 20), when a RV caught on fire due to a rocket explosion. The vehicle was transporting the rockets from a previous event. “It couldn’t have happened at a worse time,” said CHP Officer Art Montiel to the news site. “It’s commute hour, everybody’s trying to get home and then this happens.”

The passengers were evacuated immediately without major injuries. “Unfortunately we had to shut down all lanes for the safety of the public,” Montiel added. “We didn’t know what we had. We heard there were explosions in the vehicle, so we had to make sure everyone was safe.”