‘Latino USA’s Maria Hinojosa Educates The Masses: “You Cannot Label A Human Illegal”


Journalist Maria Hinojosa, on national television, educated Trump surrogate Steve Cortes on the proper and improper uses of the term “illegal.” We, for one, are glad someone has finally brought this very necessary conversation to the table.

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In a back-and-forth with Hinojosa, Cortes made the comment, “It is more unfair for legal immigrants to allow illegals to hop in front of them and cheat the system.” Hinojosa immediately corrected Cortes by asserting that the term “illegal” is not a noun. She followed her argument with vindication, stating that labeling someone “illegal” is rooted in fear; the concept of labeling undocumented citizens as “illegal,”  for example, was the same ideology used against the Jews during the Holocaust, Hinojosa pointed out.

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Watch the whole thing go down: