Marshawn Lynch Once Called A Male Nurse “Gaylord Focker”

Marshawn Lynch is one of a kind. One of the most interesting cats to ever play in the NFL, and boy, do the Seattle Seahawks miss his presence on and off the field. The Seattle Times recently published a piece highlighting a bunch of Marshawn’s ex-teammates favorite stories about him. The one that stood out amongst the others was actually told by Riccardo Lockette’s father, Earl when Beastmode visited his son in the hospital, after he suffered a near-fatal neck injury against the Cowboys last year.

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“There was a male nurse,” Earl Lockette Sr. said. “You remember the movie with the Fockers? Marshawn would call the male nurse that. I think it was Gaylord, right? He’d say, ‘Hey, Gaylord!’ He kept calling him that, and we didn’t know what he was talking about. He was like, ‘You know, Gaylord Focker!’ The male nurse was even laughing. He lifted everybody’s spirits. He made us forget the situation we were in. He would not leave until after Ricardo’s surgery, and we just thought it was beautiful for him to do that.”

Classic Marshawn here, as he has the ability to make light of even the most serious situations. While Lockette was in the hospital, he said Lynch stayed with him overnight during surgery.

“When I was taken to the hospital in Dallas, Marshawn stayed in my room with me the whole first night. This dude had me laughing so hard that he was putting my damn life in danger. I’m laying in bed with a full neck brace, just trying to stay still, and he’s just being Marshawn, talking to the nurses, making jokes, being crazy.”

Read the rest of Riccardo’s article with The Players’ Tribune titled, ‘Am I Going To Die’.

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The NFL misses you Beastmode!