This Mashup Of Mary J. Blige Dancing To Solange’s ‘Cranes In The Sky’ Will Tickle Your Soul


Since the release of her critically acclaimed album A Seat At The Table, fans have praised Solange on social media with memes, gifs and amusing renditions of her singles. The latest clip is just that with a mashup of Mary J. Blige’s legendary dance moves to “Cranes In The Sky.”

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Twitter user Stefan Bertin posted the genius video on the platform Wednesday (Oct. 5) to viral delight. “Making this video of Mary J. Blige dancing to Solange’s “Cranes In The Sky” has been in my head since I heard it and I had time today so..,” he captioned the clip. Speaking to VIBE via email, the London native says a simple gif inspired him to search for Mary’s dope moves to create the video. “I was jamming to “Cranes In The Sky” and scrolling through my timeline at the same time,’ he said. “Someone posted a gif of Mary getting her life on stage, and it was exactly in time. I couldn’t unsee it so decided to share!”

A fan of both artists, Bertin admires how unapologetic they are. “It’s great how they’ve managed to change and come so far but still stay true to themselves and stay relatable,” he said. A favorite from the Solo’s project is of course, “Cranes.” “I love the whole project,” he added. “What I’ve always admired about Solange is her vocal production and her harmonies. I guess that’s what happens when you grow up with Destiny’s Child. Oh and TWEET! The more Tweet, the better.”

Despite the love he’s received on the platform, Bertin doesn’t want Twitter fame. He’s too busy living the life as a freelance hairstylist. We’re only hoping there are more mashups to come.

Check out the video below.

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