Only In Miami: This Tricked-Out BMW Pays Homage To The ‘Bad Boy Reunion Tour’

Sean “Diddy” Combs couldn’t bring the Bad Boy Reunion Tour to Miami without linking with APPT ONLY to give us the chance to cop Bad Boy x Invisible Bully’s limited edition merch. As Bad Boy classics like Diddy’s “I’m Missing You” and Craig Mack’s “Flavor In Ya Ear” played throughout the store, eager fans of the historic record label flocked to APPT ONLY Showroom to cop the latest Bad boy gear. With all the Biggie Smalls memorabilia on sale inside, it seemed like Bad Boy’s official BMW i8 was the real star of the event.

“When we found out that Diddy was coming to town for his 20th anniversary reunion tour, being from New York myself and the majority of my celebrity clients from down south, I had to do something special for Diddy,” said Michael Oz CEO of OZ Leasing & OZ Exotics. “I called my friend at Metro Wrapz and collabed with them on this vehicle.

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The special edition BMW i8 was transformed into a mobile tribute to the 20 year anniversary of the legendary record label, and the tour of course. During the pop-up, the Bay Boy founder had struck a deal with OZ Exotics and Metro Wrapz for a contest via social media to allow one lucky winner to win a chance to spend the day riding around in the exclusive BMW with a free gift pack of merchandise in the trunk.

APPT. ONLY has become Miami’s prime venue to bring celebrities fashion and rappers like Fabolous, 2 Chainz, and Freebandz signee Zoey Dollaz together. Puff and APPT ONLY collaborated with Headliner Market Group, Ciroc, AQUAhydrate, Lux Cakery and Oz Exotics to offer more than exclusive apparel like black & yellow “Smalls” basketball jerseys and T-shirts with Biggie’s most memorable bars.

“It’s only right we host Puff’s Invisible Bully x Bad Boy “Reunion Tour” Apparel Pop-up as he travels through my home, Miami,” said Philip “Phil The Mayor” Cardona.

Check out the special edition Bad Boy BMW in the gallery above.