Don’t Wear That Racist Costume Again, Watch This Instead

In a near two-minute video produced by Mitú titled “Its Just A Costume,” two people of color are thrust into a racist nightmare. Inside this dream real world dystopia, viewers experience what it’s like to celebrate Halloween with a slew of white people who think it’s thrilling to dress up as Native Americans and other marginalized groups of people (read: “rachet” folks wearing braids and doorknocker earrings).

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All the while, characters Julian and Paula wail in distress against the insensitive wardrobes meant to emulate black and brown faces, their defense equipped with political rhetoric everyone should be cognizant of. “You’re trivializing the genocide of an entire group of people!” says Paula of Indigenous garb before adding, “Actually a majority of immigrants come by planes and overstay their visits.”

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Halloween takes on a whole a new name, “The Night Of Blatant Racism,” and with good reason considering how the holiday is never without a societal composition of people (read: privileged wypipo) who misappropriate other cultures in the name of “innocent” fun.

But Mitú can show you better than we can tell you: