Nick Grant Invites Himself To Dinner With ‘A Seat At The Table (Plus One)’ Mixtape


There’s been some quality music spreading the Earth as of late.

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With that said, Culture Republic/Epic signee Nick Grant, was inspired by Solange’s recent masterpiece, A Seat at the Table.  So the young king decided to wax poetically over a few instrumentals for his mixtape,  A Seat at the Table (Plus One).

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The four-track effort finds Grant taking listeners on a shotgun ride through relationships with the opposite sex, being a young Black man in America, institutionalized racism, family, among other topics.

“I was extremely inspired by Solange’s project that it forced me to write. It enabled me to dig deeper within myself and become a more personal artist. I connected with her words and felt her emotions; hopefully my spin on the music will do the same for somebody else,” Grant said via press release.

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A Seat at the Table (Plus One) follows Grant’s rookie project, ’88. Also, be on the lookout for the December release of his forthcoming project, The Return of the Cool.

Stream A Seat at the Table (Plus One) below.