Football Fan Wears Obama Mask With Noose Around His Neck To Wisconsin Game

A fan attending the Nebraska-Wisconsin football game this weekend was escorted out of the stadium for wearing a Barack Obama mask with a noose around its neck as a Halloween costume.

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It didn’t take long for someone to take a picture of the tasteless costume, and for the photo to make the rounds online. Sportswriter Julie DiCaro saw the picture and was understandably disgusted.

After getting wind of the costume, the University of Wisconsin-Madison police said although they don’t agree with it, it is within the fan’s right to wear what they choose.

DiCaro wasn’t having it and challenged the police with her next Tweet, illustrating that the costume, despite it being Halloween, is vile and depicts overt racism.

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Whether the campus police agreed, or didn’t want any trouble, in a following Tweet to DCaro, said that the fan had been escorted from Camp Randall Stadium.

Yeah, so about that post racial society we live in.