Cool & Dre Explain Why PBG Miami Is A Force To Be Reckoned With

As an artist on the rise, PBG Miami knows Cool & Dre’s Record Room Studio has hosted an abundance of all-star recording sessions with hit making producers and artists for for nearly two decades. He respects artists like The Game and Lil Wayne, who have crashed on their couches on numerous occasions and utilized their state-of-the-art equipment. Now, PBG is embracing everything he has learned from the Epidemic Records founders within their walls as he sets his eyes on the ultimate cash prize with his new single “Paidah” produced by Cool & Dre.

“Cool came with this flame,” PBG said about the new record. “So I let Dre hear it and told him I loved the beat man. We was in the room one day and we were talking about shades and stuff. I said something about my shades, and that’s when Dre said ‘I PAID A THOUSAND FOR THE SHADES!’ After he said that, it was on from there. We were on to something.”

Recently, PBG, which stands for “Pretty Boy Gangsta,” celebrated the official release of “Paidah” at Record Room Studios in North Miami. While The Neala Group organized the exclusive function, the rapper, who also runs his own seafood restaurant franchise ‘Crab Trap,’ brought in his staff to cater the event with specialty dishes from seafood mac N cheese to steamed crab legs.

With T Da Tastamaker as the host of the evening, members of the press, top notch DJ’s like DJ Heron, radio personalities like LA Smooth, and PBG’s team from his imprint Loaf Of Bread Records got to hear the record for the first time. Artists like “All The Way Up” hook-rocker Infared and local rap veterans like Ball Greezy and Bizerk came though to show PBG love and celebrate his new record.

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Later on, PBG sat down with Cool & Dre to talk about the single and speak on their influence on his career thus far. The “Paidah” rapper revealed how Cool & Dre helped him progress as an artist and thanked them for everything they’ve been able to provide him with like a creative space to work in and encouragement to succeed in the music industry. Now the Grammy award-wining duo is ready for their “good luck charm” in the studio to flourish as the next artist from South Florida to blow up.

“Everytime we’re in the studio, it doesn’t matter what beat it is, he’s going to come up with something that’s going to inspire a great idea or a great song,” said producer Marcello “Cool” Antonio Valenzano. “We love when PBG gets in the studio. He brings a great energy man.”

PBG Miami began cutting records his first records in Atlanta at a time when Southern music was skyrocketing to the top of the hip-hop market. After connecting with gritty rappers like Webbie and Plies in the studio, PBG eventually met with Mannie Fresh and the Cash Money Millionaires and dropped songs like “Clap Your Hands” and “Loose Lips Sink Ships” with Plies — both produced by Mannie Fresh.

Over the years, PBG has been making the deep drive from the west coast of Florida to Dade county in order to build his music career with Cool & Dre. The North Miami natives met the “Paidah” rapper when was pushing Dre’s hit single “Chevy Ridin’ High” nearly a decade ago. Thanks to Abebe Lewis of Circle House Studios, PBG reconnected with the super producers and they were able to get back into the studio to cook up their latest audio offering.

“Everything about PBG and Loaf Of Bread Records had reminded me of what Master P and No Limit was doing back in the day. I feel as though PBG has the same opportunity to achieve what Master P was doing with his whole movement because I watched this man put on for his city. Me and Cool went out there to Fort Myers. I watched this man give away 3,000-4,000 turkeys. I watched him provide for his whole city. To me, that’s bigger than the music. That let’s me know that he’s a man of the people.”

According to Dre, this won’t be the last collaborative effort with the Fort Meyers lyricist. In fact, he encourages PBG’s fan base to stay tuned for more music to come from their lab in the near future. Before the listening session ended, Cool & Dre insisted that PBG has his own swag that cannot, and probably will not, be duplicated. It’s evident that there are plenty of emerging, talented emcees from South Florida that continue to break the mold and pave the way for other up-and-comers to be successful in their own lanes. With the ultimate co-sign from Miami’s most accomplished production team in the industry and nearly a decade of experience, we’ll see if PBG’s unique swag will impact the game and rack up the stacks he’s looking for to stay “paidah” for years to come.

Watch our sit-down with PBG Miami and Cool & Dre as they speak on their new record “Paidah” below