Pennsylvania Considering Law To Protect Names Of Cops In Officer-Involved Shootings


After receiving a green light from the Pennsylvania state House committee last year, a law protecting the identities of cops in officer-involved shootings could be close to being approved.

The legislation, which drew criticism from the American Civil Liberties union, requests that the names and “identifying information” of officers remain private, unless the officer is criminally charged in an incident.

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House Bill 1538 will be up for consideration when the Senate Law & Justice Committee reconvenes Monday (Oct. 17), reports the Philly Voice.

“The law enforcement officer’s name and identifying information shall be released to the public if the officer is charged with a criminal offense relating to the discharge of the firearms or use of force,” reads the legislation. “The release of the information must occur in accordance with applicable law.”

The bill was introduced by Republican state representative, Martina White, to offer cops “basic protection from threats.”

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The legislation goes on to state that the “release of the information can reasonably be expected to create a risk of harm to the person or property of the law enforcement officer, or an immediate family member of the law enforcement officers.”

If approved, House Bill 1538 will take effect within 60 days.

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