Uh Oh: Portland Bakery Accused Of Racism For “Mr. President” Oreo Cupcake Treat

In not-so-sweet news, a Portland, Ore. bakery by the name of Fat Cupcake is under fire for naming a treat after President Barack Obama that many feel has racial undertones.

The treat in-question? The “Mr. President” cupcake which has an Oreo in the center of it. If you’re a little confused on what the issue is here, President Obama is biracial, and the term “oreo” can have a negative connotation for biracial individuals.

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The creator of the treat, Anjelica Hayes, says that she didn’t even realize her treat would have struck a chord with people.

“I never thought or intended or could ever imagine it would be taken as an insult,” Hayes, who is from a biracial family, said. “In my mind it would be an honor.” She told Oregon’s Fox 12 that she thought of the name because it sounded formal, and the choice to put an Oreo in the center is because President Obama loves them (but really, who doesn’t?).

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“What job position would you wear a formal suit to, and I thought the Presidential office,” she continued. “What’s more elite than that?” Due to backlash, the cupcake’s name has been changed to “The Professional.”

Fox 12 spoke to customers who were not bothered by the issue, noting they would still come to Fat Cupcake because the treats are too tasty to ignore.