Premiere: Get To Know Rising Soul Sensation Tabitha On “Holla At Me”


You might not know Tabitha just yet, but spin one of her records and instantly you’ll be consumed with nostalgia. With a potent mix of 90s and 2000s era as the inspiration behind her sound that’s derived from greats like Lauryn Hill and Amy Winehouse, those hungry for pure soul can surely find refuge in this rising sensation hailing from The Netherlands.

After releasing her debut single “Dear Summer,” which pays homage to the 90’s R&B and Hip-Hop classic sound, Tabitha is now debuting her latest single “Holla At Me.” The funky, slow-burning tune takes listeners on her journey as an artist from her Amesterdam roots to experiencing the music at the tender age of 12, to peddling her promising voice and pen game to London and Los Angeles for her upcoming debut album, No Fiction. “I’m determined to make my mark by being honest and real with music lovers and the music industry alike,” says Tabitha.

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Paying tribute to both her past and her future, “Holla At Me,” is just a precursor to the choke hold she’s bound to have the game in.

Press play and get lost in the intoxicating soul sounds of Tabitha.