Premiere: Tyler Kristian Is ‘Focused’ On Winning Over The Rap Game

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When you’re the child of musicians, a fear of making it big on your own usually crowds the mind, but Tyler Kristian isn’t breaking a sweat. The Brooklyn native is the son of Sharon Bryant, vocalist for ’80’s R&B group Atlantic Starr and jazz percussionist Rick Gallwey. Instead of taking the soulful approach, the 23-year-old’s map is en route to the rap game.

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Charismatic and coy, Kristian likens his presence in hip-hop to LL Cool J and Drake. Like the artists, he’s loved the genre since he was a kid.“My passion for music came before I was able to formulate a proper word,” he explained. For his new single, “Focused,” the rapper takes a #carefreeblackboy approach, a turn from what’s expected from an East Coast emcee.

“Focused” is all about having confidence in yourself and not paying attention to anything that gets in the way of you doing you,” he said. “The recording process was all fun and smiles. You can actually hear me smiling throughout the song as I perform, it’s one of my favorite songs to date.”

His previous single, “Drugs” won over the ladies due to Kristian’s natural sex appeal. When he’s not behind the mic, it’s clear Kristian is in the gym.

Expect more to come from Tyler Kristian. For now, check out “Focused” below.

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