Watch President Barack Obama’s Speech At His Final State Dinner

The Obamas were the talk of the town Tuesday night (Oct. 18), when they hosted their final state dinner, bringing everyone to tears on their imminent exit out of the White House.

Honoring Italy from the cuisine to distinguished guests, President Barack Obama focused his speech on the European country’s influence on American society.

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“But tonight we’re reminded that American Democracy has been embraced by the touch of Italy,” he said. “Our declaration that all men are created equal was penned by Thomas Jefferson and it was a concept shared by his friend also from Florence, Firenze, Filippo Mazzei. We stand before the Lincoln Memorial and see the work of the Piccirilli Brothers. We look at the dome of the U.S. Capitol and marvel at the touch of Brumidi.  Then again, some days our presidential campaign can seem like Donte’s “Inferno.”

Famous guests in attendance also included Chance The Rapper and his father, who used to work as a deputy assistant for then senator Obama, and Frank Ocean and his mother.

Check out Obama’s speech below, or read the full transcript here.