Clap For Him: President Obama’s Approval Rating Hits Second-Term High

President Barack Obama is exiting The White House on a high note. Just a few weeks before voting day, Obama’s ratings are the highest of his second term, his best note since his first year in office.

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The CNN/ORC poll released on Thursday (Oct. 6), shows Obama’s approval at 55%, a steady increase over the past two years. Last year at this time, Obama’s rating was 10 percent less, and while he’s dipped to 38 percent several times in the past, experts believe his recent international travels, First Lady Michelle Obama and the recent election may play a part in why people love him again. USA Today reports the president is hoping his ratings will help Hillary Clinton in the race for the presidency against Republican nominee Donald Trump.

“Let me just say that I think the president views himself as a clean-up hitter,” said White House press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters during a briefing Wednesday (Oct. 5). “He’s got the biggest bat in the line-up. He’s the guy with the high approval rating. He’s the guy with the enormous influence among young people and African-Americans and Hispanics and women who are likely to play an important role in determining the outcome of this race.”

His influence has remained high among African-Americans with an 86% approval and Hispanics with a strong 68% approval, just eight points higher than last year. He’s also gained a few fans from the Republicans– 11% in September 2015 and 13% approved now.

Most presidents have left on agreeable terms with the American people except former president George Bush, who is known as the most unpopular presidents in recent history with a 22% rating before his departure.

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