Pusha T Gets Political With Tim Kaine, Discusses Criminal Justice System And More

People were scratching their heads a few weeks ago when Hillary Clinton tweeted about a Pusha T contest, but it turns out that the President of G.O.O.D Music is a true fan of the Democratic presidential nominee and her running mate, vice presidential hopeful Tim Kaine.

Push accompanied Kaine on the campaign trail in Miami earlier this month, and during that event, the twosome took some time out to discuss some of the country’s biggest issues. Their chat became a new video that Clinton released on her YouTube channel today (Oct. 26).

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“Two Virginia guys in Miami, Florida, I mean, it couldn’t get better!” said Kaine, a former senator of the state, to the Norfolk native. To start their conversation, T and T chat about Clinton and how she could make history if she is elected President.

“A lot of people never would have believed a woman could have been President,” said Push. The musician talked to Kaine about some of his concerns regarding America’s criminal justice system, an issue that has prompted him to become more politically vocal.

“There’s a lot of reforms that are necessary,” explained Kaine of the broken system. “There’s policing reforms to make sure that we have communities where everybody respects the law, but people have to be respected by the law,too. That’s really important.”

The unlikely duo also touch upon the issues of systematic racism and how there is a long way to go when it comes to that problem. Kaine also talks how he and Clinton aim to expand early childhood education as well as making higher education more affordable.

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After all of that, Kaine gave Pusha T a pat on the back and thanked him for his involvement in this oh-so-crucial election.

“I’m so impressed with not only your art but that you are speaking a message to people and helping to advance our country and our commonwealth,” he said. “You have a real ability to influence things.”

Check out the full interview below.