Deep: Robin Thicke’s New Single Features Nas At His Best


Robin Thicke just made a huge re-entrance into the music game with a big helping hand from Nas. On the crooner’s new single, “Deep,” Nasir opens the song with one of his most socially conscious verses of the year.

The problem’s gettin’ worse, a modern 1973, Johannesburg
Man, it hurts to see a cop kill a black man alert
News flash, police shoot blacks, distort facts
Quick attack, unarmed men, murder them
It’s captured on cellphone video and they still let ‘em go
When will they stop killin’ ‘em? Askin’ why is they killin’ for?
White man with a gun apprehended, he still alive
Black man with a gun, he has no chance to survive
They gon’ shoot him dead soon as they see the brown of his eyes
And they ask me, “Why you ain’t smilin’ Nas?”
Cause I have a son and I die inside when I gotta tell him what was told to me
Can’t play with your water gun son ’cause the police see
(Lyrics via Genius)

“Deep” is Robin’s first single since 2014 when he released Paula — a dedication to his ex-wife. Sources tell us, the singer has been hard at work on a new project that we should be hearing very soon.

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