RUN-D.M.C. Teams Up With Fanatics For NBA Apparel Line


RUN-D.M.C has teamed up with Fanatics for the newly released “RUN-CTY” collection of NBA apparel. The collection of tees, hoodies and hats come in all sizes from kids to adults, and was premiered at the 5th Ave. NBA store in New York City. VIBE was in the building for the special release day event with Darryl “DMC” McDaniels on Oct 5.

CREDIT: Fanatics

The iconic RUN-D.M.C. logo, which was designed by Cey Adams who was the head art director at Rush Management and Def Jam, is used in combination with every NBA city to make the apparel personal in the “RUN-CTY” collection.

CREDIT: Fanatics

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The NBA isn’t the only league planned to get the “RUN-CTY” collection. The NFL, MLB and NHL have signed on as well.

“It’s cool to have the RUN-DMC logo be part of this special collection,” said Darryl “DMC” McDaniels. “I like having the spirit of our music history tied into the passion of sports fans around the world.”

Fans can shop for the collection online at, the Fanatics website and the NBA Store.


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