A Sixers Fan Flipped Off Russell Westbrook, And His Reaction Was Priceless


In the home opener for the Philadelphia 76ers, despite the naysayers, the team held their own against the winning team, the Oklahoma City Thunder, with a final score of 103-97. A very tight game from start to finish.

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What may have been more entertaining than seeing doubts about the Sixers fade away basket by basket was seeing OKC point guard Russell Westbrook’s priceless reaction to getting flipped off by a passionate Sixers fan.

Westbrook, who totaled 32 individual points, was fouled on a layup, and a very rowdy fan of the Philly team threw up not one, but both middle fingers to the basketball star. While the fan was escorted out of the Wells Fargo Arena, we were given a new reaction we’ll never forget.

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The Internet was loving his reaction. Check out the video of the moment below and few of our favorite reactions to it in the gallery above.